Emotion Dynamics


Emotions sometimes last for seconds but typically endure for minutes, hours, or even longer. In addition, emotions may have a gentle but also an explosive start, intensify over time or immediately fade away, and reactivate or smoothly return to baseline. In this research line, we examine the psychological and neural mechanisms that underlie these changes in emotions over time.

 Emotion Regulation


It is now clear that we are not mere slaves to our emotions. In fact, we can master them, at least to a certain degree. In this research line we study the strategies that people employ to regulate their emotions including distraction, rumination, reappraisal, distancing, suppression, mindfulness, and social sharing. We focus both on the short term effects of these strategies as well as their long term impact on indicators of well-being.

Emotion & Social Networking Sites


Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter have changed the way people interact. In this research line we examine the circumstances under which social networking sites hinder or promote well-being.